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Electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic materials and devices 

Electrochromic materials are divided into inorganic electrochromic material and organic electrochromic materials. The typical inorganic electrochromic materials are tungsten oxide, organic electrochromic materials include polythiophene and its derivatives, viologen, four sulfur fulvalene, metal phthalocyanine compounds. This kind of materials have important applications in smart windows, Hyun eyepiece, intelligent thermal control etc. our research group has been performing research on electrochromic materials and devices such as WO3, V2O5, polyaniline, polythiophene and so on.

Color changes of 3DOM film with pore diameter of 200 nm. The bleaching and coloration states of V2O5 film

Electrochromic properties of vanadium pentoxide

Electrochromic PANI films

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