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The Preparation and Application of new carbon materials

1Synthesis,application and function of graphene,

Graphene film preparation

Ga 光子晶体

Large area orientation films based on graphene oxide self-assembly

and low-temperature thermal reduction

2Graphene aerogel

Super macroporous Graphene oil absorbent materials

 Fig. 1 Photograph of (a) an aqueous mixture of GO, PS (dps=410nm) and sodium ascorbate before (left) and after (right) chemical reduction at 80 (b) the dried MGAs; SEM images of (c) MGAs at low magnification and (d) MGHs with PS at high magnification. (c) MGHs removed PS at high magnification(e) MGAs at high magnification

Fig. 2 Absorption of Soya Oil in MGAs at intervals of 20 s

3New carbon materials based on natural graphite

Expanded graphite ,impregnated silicon graphite

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