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Regulation, assembly and performance of low-dimensional functional materials.

Facing the country needs, the laboratory combined with cutting-edge hot issues of  international science , making the low-dimensional with a significant background in the application of low -dimensional materials structural , functional and intelligent as main study object ,  in the field of low-dimensional functional materials, We made study to its preparation, structure, macro and micro performance, cross- scale simulation and practical application of key technologies, mainly including low-dimensional structure and function of artificial materials, such as nano-particles, nano-wires, nano-tubes film design, preparation and performance. Simultaneously, we emphases on the combination of basic research and applied research, macro and micro research.

a-Fe2O3 nano particles with various morphologies

The magnetic properties of a-Fe2O3 nano particles

a-Fe2O3@SiO2 elliptical particles

The UV spectra of a-Fe2O3@SiO2 elliptical particles

Cu2O nano particles with different shapes

Ge nanowire and nanotube

Gold nanoparticles infilled into carbon nanobubes

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