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2003.3 - 2003.8
  Dr Xiangdong Meng’s visiting research at Clausthal University of Technology in Germany.


  2006, Dengteng Ge and Sailei Zhang attended Beijing International Materials Week Aerospace Materials Branch and read the papers.


2007, Bin Ma and Sailei Zhang attended Smart Materials and Nano Technology International Conference.

  Professor Frank Endres of Clausthal University of Technology visited and made academic exchanges on deposition in ionic liquids. Professor Frank Endres is mainly engaged in the surface chemistry, electrochemistry and colloid chemistry of ionic liquid, preparation and characterization of nano materials and related researches and has deep attainments in ionic liquid. From 2002 to 2007, he published 28 journal articles and five books. The "Air and Water Stable Ionic Liquids in Physical Chemistry" was awarded as the hot article in 2006 by PCCP magazine, "A study of the electrodeposition of tantalum on NiTi alloy in an Ionic liquid and corrosion behaviour of the coated alloy" was awarded as the hot spot by Elsevier Science Direct database.http://today.hit.edu.cn/articles/2007/12-24/12155842.htm

  Professor Frank Endres of Clausthal University of Technology visited again and was employed as the guest professor of Harbin Institute of Technology.http://today.hit.edu.cn/articles/2008/06-03/06094946.htm

  Dr Bin Ma attended the 4th international conference on thin film materials in Singapore, and made the presentation named "Novel structural functional films based on self-assembly template and electrodeposition: Synthesis and characterization of porous Ni/YSZ films".

2008.11.3 - 11.5
  Professor Li Yao and Dr Xiangdong Meng attended the 1st China-Germany Ionic Liquid Workshop (Dalian) and the 1st Asia Pacific Ionic Liquids and Green Process Conference (Beijing).

  Svetlana Atroshenko of Saint Petersburg State University was invited to give lectures on the resistant performance of polymer matrix composites.

2008.11.30 - 12.6
  Larisa Ogerel of Белгородский государственный университет was invited to give lectures on micro design and space applications of polymer matrix composites.

2009.5.11 - 5.14
  2009, Professor Li Yao and Dr Xiangdong Meng attended Nano Photonic International Conference (Harbin).













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