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Functional composite materials laboratory

A research group affiliated to Center for Composite Materials, Harbin Institute of Technology. Our group members mainly perform researches in the fields of photonic crystals, heat-resistant and heat-insulating materials and the performance of the materials at various corrosion conditions. Harbin Institute of Technology is the national key university affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. It is founded in 1920 and it is one of the nine key construction universities of the national "985 project", with strong space characteristics. 

Center for Composite Materials, with Academicians Du Shanyi as the chief professor, is one of the eight key construction groups of "211 project" of Harbin Institute of Technology, with a combination of science and technology and the characteristics of multidisciplinary cross. The functional composite materials laboratory which named "YICAIGE", aiming at science, art and application, is adapt to the major need of the nation and academic, to seek for a happy process of scientific research.

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